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Boss Yourself Around

“In the world of startups, can science, engineering, and methodology be the missing link to success?” This question forms the heart of this compelling text, where the author, a seasoned IT methodology expert and entrepreneur, explores the nexus between structured approaches and entrepreneurial triumph. Against the backdrop of startup failures, where a staggering two out of three businesses meet their demise, the urgency for a systematic approach becomes evident. From dissecting the role of bad timing and inadequate funding to addressing issues of planning and execution, this book offers meticulously crafted methodologies designed to prevent failures and navigate the complex terrain of entrepreneurship. The message is clear: empower yourself with these strategies and elevate your chances of success in the dynamic world of startups.

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Red Martini

Sean O’Neal reflects on the state of the American business after exiting the corporate world with a “lifetime” of experiences. He’s witnessed life being sapped from the worker, their families, the environment, and the planet. Sean observes how with each passing day, Respect for humanity and business ethics have been lost by the few who control the reins. They hold the planet hostage to the almighty dollar and , their almighty egos. Close business friends feel as O’Neal does, as they have also, they too have experienced the same phenomenon.

O’Neal’s clandestine operation is set in motion to return sanity and ethics to some the elite few who are deteriorating the American enterprise system and rendering it hollow from within. These companies will never know about the events that unfold; few will if all goes according to plan.

The unsuspecting, fiercely planned events blindside the business and financial worlds. “Ethically deficient” companies begin to experience downturns that drastically affect their ability to stay alive, much less keep Wall Street happy.

As the Red Martini group picks up its pace, O’Neal’s group of highly specialized business experts begin to undermine target companies secretly. Subliminal messages are sent to companies to change their ethics and work patterns before the planet, and all inhabitants become casualties in pursuit of the almighty dollar by the godlike egos.

O’Neal and his colleagues are on an irreversible quest. The group becomes obsessed with forcing change. They are going to hold some companies
responsible and…hostage. Chaos erupts. In a dramatic turn of events, the clandestine group becomes a defensive, armed force. Can they survive this final The “movement” faces a final episode of bizarre, ruthless, unexpected events?.